Campus Master Plan update

The Campus Master Plan has gone through the initial focus group interviews with campus and community users. During the architect’s time spent assessing the information, it has been determined by the members of the core design team that we need to complete a campus space utilization study of all academic spaces before continuing to develop more of the master plan document. This space utilization study has been initiated with UW System and Department of Facilities Development for approval with campus funding the project. We are expecting this portion of the project to begin in late April or early May and it will continue into the fall semester. In conjunction with the campus space utilization study, the University Union and Health Sciences pre-design studies will conclude around the same time in the fall semester. All three projects will be incorporated into the Campus Master Plan document and the process will continue to meet with campus and community focus groups in order to finalize the last steps of the project. Our goal is to finish the Campus Master Plan by the end of the fall semester.

As this process continues to evolve, please see any updates on the Facilities Planning and Management web page for more information. 2020 Master Plan – Planning Processes & Timelines – Facilities Planning & Management – UW-Green Bay (


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