Statement from UW System President Tommy Thompson in support of Ukraine

MADISON, Wis.—UW System President Tommy Thompson issued this statement today (March 1):

“My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine as they fight against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their homeland. The University of Wisconsin System educates a handful of Ukrainian international students, and we will support them to the best of our ability during this time when their attention has undoubtably turned toward concern for family and friends at home.

“We have also seen students, staff, and faculty from both Russia and Ukraine come together, as they did last week at UW-Madison, in solidarity against the invasion of Ukraine. Our students attend our universities not only for the world-class education that changes lives and builds careers, but also for the sense of purpose and community our universities foster. To those students who are struggling during this time, away from family and uncertain about their future, our counseling centers and other support services at every one of our 13 universities are positioned to help. A listing of many of these resources can be found online at”



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