UW-Green Bay names members of a new Student Success Council

Through collaboration with the Provost’s Office, a new Student Success Council has been created to improve and coordinate efforts in student success across the University. A group of people from Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and additional locations are coming together to listen to students, faculty and staff and recommend ways to remove impediments to student success. The Student Success Council will help solve problems, disseminate information, prevent duplication of efforts across the university structure and highlight a commitment to student success as an institution. Members will be:

-Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services (co-chair)
-Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (co-chair)
-Director of Student Success & Engagement
-Director of Advising & Retention
-Director of Financial Aid
-Director of The Learning Center
-Director of CATL
-Director of Career Services
-Director of Disability Services
-Director of Student Life
-Diversity Director
-Director of Inclusive Excellence
-Library Director (or designee)
-Distance Education Coordinator
-Dean, CAHSS (or designee)
-Dean, CSET (or designee)
-Dean, CHESW (or designee)
-Dean, AECSB (or designee)
-CEO, Manitowoc (or designee)
-CEO, Marinette (or designee)
-CEO, Sheboygan (or designee)

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