Manitowoc Campus alumnus co-authors zombie book

Zombie author Jared Koch

Jared Koch, a graduate of UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus and Manitowoc Campus employee has recently co-authored a zombie fiction book with his best friend, UW-Whitewater graduate Ken Tienor, called “The AJAX and The Zombie Lord.”

Enthralled with the fun of writing about the living dead, by the dark of night (when else?), he works with Tienor long distance through Facebook Messenger and a shared Google document to write their books. The friends were drawn to the genre of zombies by their “love for action, the supernatural, and the premise of survival against all odds in a fallen world.”

Cover: The Ajax and the Zombie Lord

Cover: The Ajax and the Zombie Lord

They brainstorm character and story elements and chapter summaries, then take turns on various sections of the story based on their inspiration and long suits.

“Taking a battering ram to the genre with zombie hordes having ‘alphas’ that control and coordinate their forces and variants; zombies that have a hidden hierarchy that unravels like a mystery, rooted in Greek Myth, with survivors that rise up to be true heroes,” Koch explains.

By day, Koch works as a library services assistant at the Manitowoc Campus.

“The AJAX and The Zombie Lord” can be found on Amazon and is available in paperback and as a e-book.


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