Common CAHSS presents, ‘No Justice, No Sustainability’

The year 2020 was tumultuous in many ways. Heading into 2021, many people eagerly anticipate a return to what we often call “normal.” But the pre-2020 status quo was highly unsustainable in many ways, including in the area of racial equity and justice in the United States. This “No Justice, No Sustainability” panel discussion, February 23, 2021 at 6 p.m., will explore the critical need to continue working toward racial justice as a key aspect of addressing the problem of unsustainability, both on campus and in society at large.

The ‘No Justice, No Sustainability’ Panel is the February installment of Common CAHSS.

See the Common CAHSS webpage for more on the panelists and a “join” link. The event is free, virtual and open to the public.

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