Help guide others with the Art of Spiritual Companioning Certificate

Hands upraised in meditation

The Art of Spiritual Companioning Certificate Program begins April 4, 2024. The certificate comprises five classes offered live online through Zoom, which are taught by Sister Anne Marie Lom. Your gifts and talents, experiences and challenges are blessings for others. Learn to share them. Walk with another in love and compassion.

If you are a social worker or therapist, this certificate will help you work with clients who’d like to explore their spirituality, and if you are a religious leader or counselor this certificate will inform your spiritual guidance.

Spirituality can add depth and meaning to life. Today, individuals approach spirituality through a variety of realms. This certificate program will ground you in topics that will enable you to shepherd others on their spiritual journeys. Learn more and register on the website.

This certificate is offered by the Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Training.

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