UW-Green Bay faculty receive MCW Award

Excellent teachers are committed to advancing medical students’ learning and are the base for achieving the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) core mission in education. The Curriculum and Evaluation Committee (CEC) recently recognized and affirmed individuals that advanced student learning and provided added value to the medical student curriculum at MCW. The CEC recognized the following UW-Green Bay faculty as MCW’s Outstanding Medical Student Teachers for 2019-2020:

  • Associate Prof. James Marker
  • Associate Prof. Brian Merkel
  • Associate Dean Amanda Nelson
  • Associate Prof. Uwe Pott

Congratulations to those who received this award!

Amanda Nelson, MCW Award

Amanda Nelson

Brian Merkel, MCW Award

Brian Merkel

Uwe Pott, MCW Award

Uwe Pott

James Marker

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