Prof. Ryan Martin sought-out as Super Bowl (and social media) expert

“Keep Calm and Tweet,” was the headline in the National Institute for Social Media post this past weekend… (Feb. 3, 2018). The expert source was UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology), who not only specializes in online anger management, but has had to deal with a bit of his own, when his beloved Minnesota Vikings took it on the chin in the playoffs.

Ryan Martin, a professor of psychology at UW-Green Bay, referred to the phenomenon ‘Basking In Reflected Glory’ when talking about the degree that people identify with their teams when they’re successful. Martin is a nationally-known anger researcher who’s focused on healthy and unhealthy expressions of anger, including online. An example of ‘Basking In Reflected Glory’ could be things like saying ‘we played really well today’ when someone talks about his or her favorite team,'” Martins says.

…”I’m actually a pretty significant Vikings fan,” Martin said. “And so obviously two weeks ago they did poorly and disappointed me. “You can hear the Cutting Off Reflected Failure in my voice there.”

It’s a fun and interesting read.

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