Former UW-Green Bay student is moving business idea in Switzerland, Brazil

The current co-founder and COO of startup W3lcome (, a digital sign in app streamlining secure self-check in, such as at airports and other high-security reception areas, is Lucas Cotta, a former exchange student at UW-Green Bay. He took Bus Adm 481 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management when he attended UW-Green Bay.

While Switzerland is the home base of W3lcome, the company operates in Brazil as well.. The team starting W3lcome has been accepted into two accelerators, EVOA in Brazil and an online cohort of Y-Combinator. Y-Combinator was one of the first accelerators and continuously ranks as one of the top three accelerator programs in the world (

The app is a B2B SaaS that modernizes the workplace by streamlining a reception’s desks processes, giving visitors the best first impression of the company. The app optimizes the communication between visitors, receptionists, and hosts. It also helps with internal security policies, identifying visitors with a printed badge, gives fire exit instructions, digitizes NDAs, and more.

For more information on W3lcome, see the following resources:

•          Video:
•          Sales Deck:
•          Dashboard: (feel free to create a 15-day-trial account)
•          App Demo:
•          App:
•          W3lcome in the press:

You can also find W3lcome on Crunchbase, Angellist, SaaSHub, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TechStack.



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