Video: Proud history, love of music shape Jazz Fest XLII at UW-Green Bay

Tom GarlingUW-Green Bay alumnus and Music Prof. John Salerno talks about Jazz Fest XLII, slated for Saturday, Jan. 28 at UW-Green Bay:

“I think it was 1971 — my predecessor, Lovell Ives, began it. He was one of the pioneers, really, in jazz education in the area. There wasn’t a lot of it.”

“During the daytime, bands perform for adjudicators, and everybody gets to come and listen to the bands, even the public. And then in the afternoon, there are some clinics from local people who come in and talk about jazz or performing on a specific instrument. And then the guest artist — in this case it’s Tom Garling this year, trombonist from Chicago, will present a little program. … And then we have a concert; we feature this artist. So there’s a little education and there’s some great playing — they get to hear some good jazz.”

“You get to meet new friends, experience some new friends, see old friends — it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great festival.”

“It’s a variety of things that we play — whatever their perception of jazz is, we probably have it covered. We do rock-influenced things, straight-ahead influenced things, some contemporary things. It’s really a good experience to, if you haven’t heard much jazz, to come out and check it out.”

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