FAST Points Dining Plans available for purchase

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff have an opportunity to purchase an exclusive dining plan this spring. Chartwells is sponsoring an additional $25 in Block Plan FAST Points and bonus $15 in FAST Points with the 200 & 300 plans. First-time FAST 75 Block Plan customers, as well as all FAST 75 Block Plan renewals from the Fall plans will receive a free reusable mug that includes unlimited free refills of coffee and fountain soda beverages at all retail locations on campus. This opportunity is open through Feb. 10 for post-tax deduction from your payroll starting March 2 (University Staff) or March 1 (Academic Staff & Faculty). FAST Points may be purchased at the University Ticketing and Information Center.

There are five options to choose from including:

  •  FAST 75 Block Plan – includes 75 meals plus $25** in FAST Points – Cost $425 . . . cost per meal $5.66
  • FAST 50 Block Plan – includes 50 meals plus $25** in FAST Points – Cost $290 . . . cost per meal $5.80
  • FAST 25 Block Plan – includes 25 meals plus $25** in FAST Points – Cost $155 . . . cost per meal $6.20
  • FAST 300 Points Plan – includes $315 in FAST Points – Cost $300.00 (Spring 2017 Special – $15 in bonus FAST Points)
  • FAST 200 Points Plan – includes $215 in FAST Points – Cost $200.00 (Spring 2017 Special – $15 in bonus FAST Points)

FAST Meal Plans and FAST Points
FAST (Faculty and Academic Staff) Points are not new to UW-Green Bay. They have been in place for three to four years. What are they? They are prepaid declining balance funds you can purchase and load onto your official University ID for use at any Chartwells-managed food serving location on campus. This spring, through February 10, the FAST 200 and 300 Points Plans include $15 in bonus FAST points through the generosity of Chartwells. When customers use their “points” in the Marketplace they will receive a $0.50 discount bringing the net cost of breakfast to $5.75, lunch to $6.25, and dinner to $6.75 (+ sales tax).

FAST Meal Plans are new to UW-Green Bay and serve as option for staff and faculty to purchase meals in a larger quantity at prices-per-meal lower than paying with cash, credit or points. This Spring’s FAST 75 Block Plan, at the cost of $425, equates to a cost-per-meal of $5.66 plus $25* in FAST Points for times you prefer not to have a full meal. For this spring, a new all stainless steel mug is bring given to new and renewing FAST 75 Block Plan customers.

To-Go containers available — All FAST Plan customers will receive a reusable To-Go container to use for take-out meals from the Marketplace inside Leona Cloud Commons. Details on how to use the To-Go containers will be shared with all who participate and eventually posted online. The block meals and FAST points on all FAST Plans will remain on your University ID account until they are used. They can also be used for combo meals in the retail operations.

*Chartwells is sponsoring all FAST Points on all FAST Plans this spring semester. The company is excited to announce the opening of Za’tar next to Rustic Range on the first floor of the University Union. This opening completes the investment Chartwells provided in their contract with UW-Green Bay.

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