FAQ Reminders on requesting Chancellor Miller for events

How do I request Chancellor Miller to a UW-Green Bay sponsored/community sponsored event?

If you would like the Chancellor to attend or speak at your upcoming event, a Chancellor Request Form  must be filled out prior to the event for scheduling purposes. Once approved by The Office of the Chancellor an Event Briefing Form must be filled out seven days in advance of the event by the planning department hosting the event.

My department has an event coming up—where do I start?

The Office of University Advancement serves as a source of information, advice and expertise on planning an event at UW-Green Bay. We strive to assist all departments on campus to plan and execute events that highlight and showcase the best of UW-Green Bay. We provide protocol expertise in order to create events with a standard of quality for all who attend a UW-Green Bay event.

When you are ready to plan your next event, please visit our Event Resource Guide page to find useful tips and tools to ensure you have all the resources you need for a successful event.

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