UW-Green Bay graduate Josh Andreini featured as ‘Hometown Hero’

UW-Green Bay alumnus Josh Andreini ’17 (Master’s of Social Work) was recently featured as a Hometown Hero by WFRV-TV.

“Appleton’s Josh Andreini needed a sense of purpose when he decided to join the U.S. Army in 2007. “I didn’t have a lot of direction or discipline in my life, and that’s where I really turned to look into joining the military,” Andreini said. It was when United States was increasing it’s troop involvement in Iraq, that Andreini decided to enlist in the Army.

“I thought maybe someday there could be a draft or maybe my neighbors, my friends, other people would have to be called to serve, and so if I could volunteer and serve my country maybe that’s one less neighbor or buddy or friend who had to go do that,” he said.

Source: Hometown Hero: Josh Andreini joined U.S. Army in search of purpose, later found his passion | WFRV Local 5 – Green Bay, Appleton

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