Haitian tremors felt here, too

Aftershocks from the terrible earthquake that struck Tuesday (Jan. 12) near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, are being felt here at UW-Green Bay. International Education Director Brent Blahnik said two recent graduates, siblings Carl-Eric Staco and Geraldine Staco are from Haiti and he has tried to reach them through social networking sites. On Wednesday, Carl-Eric updated his Facebook site and later made contact with Blahnik to indicate he and Geraldine are safe: “Communication is not too good now. My family is ok. We have a lot of human and material loss. Cellphone coverage is slowly coming back.”

Also, Associate Prof. Angela Bauer-Dantoin (Human Biology and Women’s and Gender Studies) is the mother of two adoptive children from Haiti. Contacted by the LOG, she is encouraging those who want to help earthquake victims to consider a donation to Partners in Health, physicians with a reputable and longstanding record in the region. One of that group’s physicians, Dr. David Walton, visited UW-Green Bay in October 2006 for a presentation to the campus community. Here’s a website you can visit: www.pih.org/inforesources/news/Haiti_Earthquake.html.

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