Join UW-Green Bay Prof. Alexander Bozzo for #ethicsatwork virtual event February 9

#ethics at work speaker series

#ethicsatwork is a community and virtual forum at the intersection of business and ethics. Join us for a conversation February 9, 5-6 p.m. “Let the Market Decide? On the Intersection of Ethics and the Free Market,” led by Alexander Bozzo, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor Philosophy at UW-Green Bay.

The central insight of the free market model is that, when everybody does what’s best for him or herself, everyone benefits. As Adam Smith famously put it, in this way we are led by an “invisible hand” to the promotion of everyone’s well-being. This has led to the idea that, when confronted with an ethical challenge, we should just “let the market decide”: that is, we should just let people’s preferences in a free and unfettered market determine the correct course of action. But how plausible is this idea? Does this imply, for instance, that the sole social responsibility of business is to increase its profit? Do companies have obligations beyond those dictated by the free market? In this session of #ethicsatwork, we will explore these difficult and pressing issues.

Alexander P. Bozzo is Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He has published on the topics of same-sex marriage, the limits of medical confidentiality and the thought and philosophy of David Hume. He is currently working on perennial issues in metaethics and the philosophy of religion, and is drafting a book on the ethical debate surrounding abortion.

Addititional virtual events are planned for:

  • March 9, 5-6 p.m. – Étienne Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Philosophy, San José State University, discusses “Toward a Political Philosophy of Content Moderation.”
  • April 13, 4-5 p.m. – Derek Jeffreys, Ph.D., Professor Humanities & Religion, UW-Green Bay, moderates a conversation “Must We Degrade? Human Dignity and the American Prison.”

Learn more and register on the website. There is a nominal fee to attend.

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