Additional session (Jan. 10) on Shorewood Tree Management Plan

Interested individuals will be able to walk the site and also hear a public presentation (indoors) on Shorewood Golf Course tree management mid-day this Tuesday (Jan. 10) at UW-Green Bay.

Shorewood Golf Course Director Rick Warpinski says there will be a pair of walking tours, departing the clubhouse at 11 a.m. and again at 1 p.m. Those opportunities will be bracketed around an indoor presentation, at noon, in which the full Shorewood Tree Management Plan and Winter 2012 project will be addressed.

Participants are welcome to attend the presentation and attend either of the tours, and to share questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. In three previous open sessions, interested individuals including Shorewood golfers, course personnel and UW-Green Bay facilities and natural-areas expert have weighed in on the project.

Warpinski says the noon presentation will address details including:

Project Goals — Improve the golfing experience; reduce maintenance and cleanup; efficiency in mowing rough areas; extension of tee boxes on holes #3, #7, and #8; increase sun and wind exposure on course to help with turf management/development; address known safety issues/concerns; provide an opportunity to plant new native species within the forested areas of the course.

Project Scope — Some 180 trees of the more than 1600 on the property have been marked for removal; the trees were marked using the following criteria outlined below.

Project Prioritizing of Trees for Removal
— Each of the trees marked for possible removal has been identified using the following criteria
— High Risk – usually means either damaged, rotting internally, or leaning significantly.
— Suppressed – same age as nearby trees yet growth is not as strong.
— Opportunity – plans to extend tee boxes or other course improvements.
— Thinning Out – in dense or unplayable areas to reduce leaf and stick debris and ease use of mowing.
— Replanting – removal will allow space with sufficient light to replant new trees for future generations.

Project Consultants, Vendors — Trees & Trails Forestry Consultants, LLC from Crivitz, WI has been retained to assist Shorewood Golf Course and the University with scope, scale, and administration of this project. A link to their business operation is shared here. Only SFI Trained Loggers were solicited and would be retained for this project. A link to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is shared here.

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