Professor Ryan Martin to join CAHSS Office as associate dean

Beginning January 4, 2019, Professor Ryan Martin (Human Development, Psychology) will be joining the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Dean’s Office as the Associate Dean for Recruitment, Outreach and Communication. He will be working alongside Associate Prof. Kate Burns, who begins her second semester as Associate Dean for Analytics, Budgeting and Faculty & Curricular Development. Both Burns and Martin will maintain 50 percent faculty appointments, staying directly connected to their teaching and research in Psychology and Human Development.

“With the recent addition of three branch campuses and our increased focus on enrollment numbers and tuition revenue, I am thrilled to have Dr. Burns and Dr. Martin working for CAHSS, as they both bring unique and exceptional skill sets that we have a great need for,” said CAHSS Dean Chuck Rybak. “While CAHSS has traditionally had a single associate dean, I believe this model, with its diverse and divided responsibilities, best serves our expanded UW-Green Bay. “The CAHSS Dean’s Office now consists of Chuck Rybak (Dean), Kate Burns (Associate Dean), Ryan Martin (Associate Dean), Brenda Beck (Dean Assistant), Teri Ternes (Assistant to Associate Deans), Linda Briggs-Dineen (Advisor) and Stephanie Murphy (Advisor).

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