At 63, newest grad looks to future

David C. Trost

David C. Trost

For David C. Trost, more than four decades separated receipt of his high school diploma and graduation with a four-year college degree. The first happened in 1965. The second happened Dec. 18 when he crossed the stage to receive his UW-Green Bay bachelor’s degree at mid-year Commencement.

In the intervening years, Trost had held various jobs, earned an associate’s degree and enjoyed careers as a software consultant and a systems specialist in customer service.

When he was laid off two years ago, he committed to completing his bachelor’s. He enrolled at UW-Green Bay through the Adult Degree program for non-traditional students, transferred in his previous credits, and three semesters later had completed his requirements for his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Trost told a reporter he continues to look for a job in customer service or logistics, and hopes his newest credential, from UW-Green Bay, will be a help.

“I made up my mind many years ago, eventually I wanted a degree. I thought I’d have to wait until I was totally retired to get it. But it happened sooner than I thought it would. But still I always wanted the degree just to prove that I could do it… I hope I get a chance to use it.”

In an interview with Fox 11’s Becky DeVries in advance of Saturday’s Commencement ceremonies, Trost advises others, “If you’re thinking about it, do it.”

See the Fox 11 report online, click here.

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