UW-Green Bay well-water study raising concerns in our area

A UW-Green Bay study led by former Biology Prof. Angela Bauer was making headlines this weekend and into Monday (Dec. 16), shedding light on concerns over manure pollution and endocrine disruptors in our area. Wisconsin Public Radio and the Press-Gazette were among the outlets carrying the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism story, which focuses on estrogen in Kewaunee County’s well water — a hormone that could pose a threat for residents. “We don’t know what the human health risks are,” said Bauer, now Biology department chair at High Point (N.C.) University. “But what we do know is that long-term exposure to estrogen in general can increase your risk to certain types of diseases, including hormone-sensitive cancers. So I think it’s absolutely something that requires further attention.”

The UW-Green Bay study was published in April in the journal Water Environment Research. You can check out two versions of the story, including audio and video, by clicking the links:
Green Bay Press-Gazette
Wisconsin Public Radio

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