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UW-Green Bay’s updated Arnold Broadcast Media space and the Gary Mach Educational Fund were mentioned in the blog post below. 

That is why I was delighted to learn about the recently commemorated Arnold Broadcast Studio at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) while in Wisconsin. This new center is named for Harvey Arnold, vice president of Engineering at Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG). Harvey has been with SBG as an engineer for 24 years and in the industry for over 40 years. He is a stalwart in our engineering community, and he currently serves as vice chair of NAB’s Television Technology Committee, so I was ecstatic to see SBG support the reconstruction of an all-new broadcast center in his honor. Here is the full story from Fox 11 WLUK. I spoke with Harvey while in Wisconsin and he said it was a real surprise for him given that he was there to celebrate and honor one of his early mentors, Gary Mach. Harvey helped to establish the Gary Mach Excellence in Media Fund. 

The Gary Mach Excellence in Media Fund is inspired by Gary’s achievements in broadcast engineering as he served several media organizations, businesses, charitable organizations, and most of all, UW-Green Bay and public broadcasting in Wisconsin. Through Gary’s work in television production at the then fledgling Green Bay campus, he created opportunities to learn and grow for generations of broadcast engineers. Professional development was always a high priority for Gary and the people who worked along side him. This fund seeks to continue Gary’s legacy on the campuses of UW-Green Bay by supporting facilities, creating opportunities, and offering financial support for students who aspire to professional careers in media.

Source: Finding and Educating Young Engineers – PILOT

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