Cuddly black lab with nose for explosives could spend some time at UW-Green Bay

“Skylar the black Labrador doesn’t look like the typical police dog. She’s small, bouncy and excitable, clambering onto the laps of anyone who pets her. When Skylar’s 1-year-old sister Elspeth Kohlman toddles toward her, she nuzzles the baby lovingly. UW-Oshkosh’s first police dog, she became Officer Skylar Monday morning alongside two new human officers. Her job duties won’t include drug-sniffing, and she’s not meant to intimidate students, handler and Officer Ben Kohlman said. Skylar is the only explosives-sniffing dog in Winnebago County, Leibold said. City and county dogs are experts in drugs, tracking and protection. Skylar will provide those detection skills as needed around the county and also at other universities, such as UW-Green Bay.” See the story from Oshkosh Northwestern.