UW-Green Bay CATL and Professors Lybbert & Sherman featured in “Inside Higher Ed” article on digital syllabi

The national publication Inside Higher Ed recently recently ran a story on reimagining the course syllabus. In particular, the article focused on “liquid syllabi,” which are digital, mobile-friendly and designed to support student success through accessibility and approachability. UW-Green Bay Professors Breeyawn Lybbert and Heidi Sherman were interviewed about their experiences using the liquid syllabus template developed by the UW-Green Bay Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL).

CATL’s liquid syllabus template addresses many of the concerns raised in the article about liquid syllabi in general, including instructor privacy. Though a typical liquid syllabus is hosted on a fully public website, instructors can make their Canvas liquid syllabus either public or private using their course settings. The CATL template is also easy to export as a PDF, which reduces the chance of instructors doing double the work.

Instructors can reach out to CATL@uwgb.edu to learn more about the template and using it in their classes. Congrats to CATL and Professors Lybbert & Sherman for this opportunity to highlight advances in teaching and learning happening at UW-Green Bay!

For more information on this article and liquid syllabi, visit here.

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