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Sandi Tretow is well-known in northern Ozaukee County as the longtime clerk and treasurer for the Village of Fredonia, but now she’s taking on a higher profile countywide role as the Ozaukee County treasurer.

Tretow, who began her new job on Oct. 31, replaces Josh Morrison, who left the position last month to become business manager for the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department. He had been treasurer since 2017.

It was Morrison who suggested that Tretow apply to replace him.

“I really didn’t know about (the vacancy),” she said. “Josh reached out to me because I know him personally. After giving it a little bit of thought, I thought it might be a good fit. I wasn’t looking to leave where I was. I was happy where I was at.”

Tretow left the Village of Fredonia last December after 12 years as clerk-treasurer to take a job in the private sector.

The county is a much larger operation than the village.

For instance, the county has more than 30 bank accounts whereas the village has just a handful.

Also, there are 24 county supervisors vs. five village trustees. With the village, Tretow oversaw the administration of the village whereas with the county she works in conjunction with the county finance and administrative departments as well as with supervisors on the Finance Committee, which oversees her department.

Nevertheless, she said, the transition should be relatively easy.

“I have a lot of familiarity with the job itself because I’ve done it before,” developing budgets and administering property taxes, Tretow said.

“I know a lot of people at the county and municipal levels. There’s a comfort level with the people.”

Even though she didn’t officially start until Oct. 3, she was allowed to come in a week early to get acclimated.

“The county’s software is very similar to the village’s, so that was very nice,” Tretow said.

“I know I’ll find out more as I get into things. It’s been very interesting. I know the municipal part of things so it’s a different perspective.”

A resident of Fredonia, Tretow grew up in North Lake and graduated from Arrowhead High School. She completed a four-year municipal clerk training program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and was certified in 2015.

The county treasurer is an elected position. Tretow is filling the remainder of Morrison’s term and said she plans on running for election in November 2024.

“I do have every intention of running in 2024,” she said.

Although she has never run for election before, Tretow said, “I’m familiar with the nomination process and running a campaign.”

She said her years in Fredonia will help her.

“I know a ton of people in the northern part of the county, and I’m hoping that I will get to know people in the southern part,” she said.

She said she’s looking forward to getting to know county supervisors and officials better, as well as the public.

“It’s going to be exciting to get to know some of these people on a more professional basis,” she said. “I look forward to people coming in, and I want people to feel they can come in and talk. That’s what this is all about, helping people.”

Source: Similar job on a bigger stage | Ozaukee Press

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