Walker for president? Kraft addresses speculation on WBAY, NBC 26

Prof. Emeritus Michael Kraft again weighed in on the possibility that Gov. Scott Walker will run for president in an interview Thursday (Nov. 6) with WBAY, Action 2 News. Since Walker won a second term Tuesday, speculation has been rampant that he’s got an eye on the top job — and a nationally focused acceptance speech served only to bolster such talk. “As soon as I heard it,” Kraft said, “I thought ‘this is a campaign for the White House.’ ” Walker has said he plans to serve four more years, but that doesn’t mean he’s legally obligated to do so, Kraft noted — and the governor is still on a short list of presidential contenders. Kraft predicts we’ll know within six months to a year if Walker intends to run. His comments were featured in two of the station’s stories on the issue — both videos can be found by clicking the story link.

In an interview Wednesday with NBC 26, Kraft delved into clues from Walker’s acceptance speech that the guv may have been speaking to a larger audience. “This was not the Scott Walker we are used to seeing,” Kraft said, noting that Walker adopted a “Wisconsin versus Washington” tone and spoke and gestured more aggressively than usual during the address. As for Walker’s prospects, Kraft said, “He left the state politically divided… Much will depend on the next year, whether he can bring the state back together again.” Full story.

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