Connecting Lifelong Learners

Smartphones are powerful tools that have become so integrated in how we connect with each other and the surrounding world, it is difficult to imagine not having one. Navigating the extensive array of features, settings and applications in a smartphone can feel natural for the tech savvy individual, yet the complexity of this technology can also feel overwhelming.

Three UScellular associates lent their time and technology expertise during Smartphone Device Workshops at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay Lifelong Learning Institute. Local community members who enjoy learning for its own sake were able to enroll in these noncredit courses without having to worry about tests or academic prerequisites.

The workshops were taught by Eric Larson, manager, area retail sales, store managers Libbi Waldrop and Charissa St. Thomas, and two associates from Cell.Plus agent locations in the Green Bay area. One-Hundred Ten lifelong learners attended sessions dedicated to iOS and Android operating systems.

The UScellular team covered basic phone settings, how to use the camera and various applications, and tips for protecting privacy and sensitive personal information. They also spent time talking about Built For US and the importance of taking a break from our devices to maintain a healthy relationship technology. Workshop participants were invited to learn about US Mode and using phone settings to block distractions and focus on human connections.

The team spent a good portion of the workshop answering questions and providing one-on-one assistance to ensure the learners were comfortable with their devices and service. One workshop participant commented, “This team from UScellular was a delight to listen to – they really knew their stuff… UScellular knows what good customer service is and that is a rarity. My own carrier is lacking the tools in that department. Great job, UScellular!”

UScellular sales teams are available to help customers get the most from their smartphones, connected wearables, and more – from basic settings to advanced tips and tools to help families navigate their relationship with technology. Visit a UScellular retail store to learn more.

Source: Connecting Lifelong Learners

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