GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Every other year, high-caliber singing voices are heard in Green Bay in great concentration.

It’s like stepping into a chocolate shop where every goodie is appealing, and you have to make choices – good, better, best.

Only fine chocolate is available for the recipes.

This year is a year for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to host a “test of chocolates” unlike any other taste test in America.

It is the American International Czech and Slovak Voice Competition.

The first two stages were held Friday and Saturday. The finals are Sunday, Oct. 16, with a celebration concert to follow.

In the second round held during the day Saturday, 10 singers took turns singing three selections.

Each singer represents years of training, thousands of hours of practicing/learning, and one gross ton of desire.

What they are in is a kind of distilling process on the way to making a mark in a performing career, and past winners/participants have done so.

Yes, Green Bay is, in this case, a rung on the ladder to success.