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GREEN BAY (WLUK) — A University of Wisconsin – Green Bay alum returned to her alma mater to share her sexual assault survivor story with current college students.

Kelsi Engelhardt was one of two guests who shared their stories as part of Take Back the Night. She says it’s important for students to know they’re not alone.

“This is my story, and I’m really blessed to have a space to share it,” Engelhardt said. “But I really hope that everyone that hears it tonight, it resonates with in some way if possible, and if not, they just feel supported in a welcoming space for survivors.”

Organizers say the event is one of the biggest and most important of the year for the university. The University’s Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator Caitlin Henriksen says it shows students what the campus stands for.

“Very tangibly, we have all these resources here but also just knowing all of the support from all of the students, faculty, staff that come to this event,” Henriksen said. “We, as a campus community, are not going to stand for sexual violence.”

Henriksen said part of the event is making sure students are aware of the year-round resources available to them. Engelhardt said she’s glad to know how much effort the school puts into making survivors feel seen.

“I’m really proud to know my university cares so, so much about survivors and the victims of this type of violence,” Engelhardt said.

She said schools that don’t provide resources, like Take Back the Night, are only doing their students a disservice.

“It can happen to anyone, so it would be ignorant of us to say that doesn’t happen here,” Engelhardt said. “So, let’s get ahead of it. Let’s have this amazing space where we can do some prevention work. People can kind of share their experiences, their stories if they feel comfortable.”

Engelhardt is thankful for being given the opportunity to speak.

“Honestly, it’s been a very freeing experience,” she said. “Writing everything down in words and knowing that I’m going to be surrounded by such amazing people that are supporters.”

This was the second annual Take Back the Night event to take place in Green Bay. The international movement has been happening since the 1970s.

Source: UW-Green Bay stands against sexual violence with Take Back the Night event | WLUK

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