‘Stumps’ in waters of Green Bay an effort to maintain wetland habitat

GREEN BAY (WLUK) — It may just look like a bunch of stumps sticking out of the water, but it is part of the newest restoration project in the waters of Green Bay.

“The Duck Creek Delta is known to be one of the most important emergent wetlands in Green Bay, and beyond, for waterfowl especially. As a result of high water over the last few years, we’ve lost a lot of that emergent vegetation,” said Amy Carrozzino-Lyon, Green Bay Restoration Project Coordinator.

Carrozzino-Lyon says a new restoration project is designed to maintain that environment. Instead of using large rocks, the new wooden breakwall was installed in three sections, stretching about 2,000 feet. She says it is designed to protect wetlands in the area, while improving habitat for aquatic life. The breakwall isn’t the only project in the area.

“It all works together when you can build habitat next to habitat,” said Brian Glenzinski, regional biologist for Ducks Unlimited.

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