Anger do’s and dont’s for the next time you’re upset (w/Prof. Ryan Martin) – CNN

(CNN) Someone cut you off as you drove to work. Your boss passed over you for the latest promotion. A close relative with young children refuses to get a Covid-19 vaccine.Nearly everyone has encountered a situation that left them simmering in anger. To get rid of the fiery feeling, people will often vent to someone, but that’s not necessarily the best path, said Brad Bushman, professor of communications at The Ohio State University in Columbus.

“You know, rather than venting anger or stuffing it inside, turning down the heat is the best approach,” Bushman told CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his podcast, Chasing Life.

When the emotion triggers us, it also evokes your fight-or-flight response, said Ryan Martin, associate dean and professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Your muscles may tense up, the heart rate increases, and the digestive system slows down as you prepare to fight, he said.

Source: Anger do’s and dont’s for the next time you’re upset – CNN

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