Clean energy backers call for national climate action (at STEM Center) – The Press

GREEN BAY – Local clean energy supporters gathered at UW-Green Bay Aug. 30 calling for Congressional action in addressing the effects of climate change. “We are calling on Congress to seize the momentous opportunity before them by passing the budget reconciliation package that is currently moving its way through Congress,” Northeast Organizer of Wisconsin Conservation Voters Casey Hicks said. “We have long passed the luxury of inaction… We must recognize the gravity of the moment that we are in. The stakes have never been higher. The need has never been greater than right now this very moment.”

Joined by Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, Brown County Supervisors Tom Friberg, Cassandra Erickson and Amanda Chu, Green Bay School Board Vice President Laura McCoy, Green Bay District 7 Alderperson Randy Scannell and Founder of GiveaDaam Ventures, LLC Marissa Michaelavicz, the event was just one of many statewide as part of the Build Back Better Wisconsin Month of Action. Hicks said recent polling in Wisconsin shows 69% of residents support tax credits for clean energy, with a vast majority supporting electric vehicle investments. “This is no easy task, but thankfully Congress has been given the mandate (through the budget reconciliation package) to act boldly,” Hicks said. “I think the folks standing behind me in local government, institutions and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin are a further testament to that mandate.”

Source: Clean energy backers call for national climate action – The Press