Move-in media madness

Yesterday we brought you the sights and sounds of freshman move-in day, as seen and heard by those of us in University Communication. Local media also took an interest in our record year for on-campus housing, coming to campus Thursday (Sept. 1) to get the story. They found nerves, excitement, and lots of potential for the year ahead. You can check out the coverage here:

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Gray extends appreciation

Director Glenn Gray, on behalf of all the people in Residence Life, passes along the following:

“Thank you to all of the faculty, staff and students who helped move in our new freshmen.  They helped make yesterday a very, very special day in the lives of our new freshmen and their parents!”

Between yesterday’s new freshmen and early-arriving continuing students, about 1,200 students are already settled in. That leaves room for another 800 or so at housing before Tuesday’s first day of classes.

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