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Printmaker and former UW-Green Bay Prof. Chris Style is the featured artist in Stories and Inspirations, the August exhibit at the UU Gallery in north Ephraim. It features a selection of prints from her “Stories from the Heart” woodcut series and large-scale prints created for steamroller print events. Some works that inspire Style will also be shown alongside her work, including Indian miniature paintings, a Chitraker hand-painted scroll from India and photographs of India’s Nek Chand Rock Garden.

After teaching at UW-Green Bay for 30 years, Style retired this year and is now a professor emerita of art and design who lives and maintains a printmaking studio in Green Bay.

Style highlights hand-carved woodcuts in this exhibit. Images designed for carving woodcuts must be reduced to black and white and, therefore, often have a graphic quality. She has been involved in numerous steamroller printmaking events, including those at Ephraim’s Hardy Gallery. The UU Gallery is free and open to the public.

via Hand-Carved Woodcut Prints at UU Gallery – Door County Pulse.

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