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Nurdles! Nurdles! Who found a nurdle!?!

And what, you may ask, is a nurdle? Nurdles are small pellets or lentil-sized pieces of raw plastic that are used in the manufacturing of plastics. Unfortunately, nurdles are being found on the shores of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, most notably in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute (UTMSI) noticed large quantities of nurdles showing up in gulf waters starting in 2018. Their mission now is to find out where nurdles are in various waters and remove them. Scientists want to make people aware of the nurdle problem, get them to help to remove them from waterways, and determine the impact of these bits of plastic on the environment.

Manitowoc Public Library is pleased to announce that we are creating a Nurdle Patrol. This will be a year-long project that will kick-off on Monday, August 15, from 2-3 PM at the Library. During the kick-off event, patrons will learn about nurdles, what exactly they should be looking for, how to collect and share their data, and how they can make a positive impact on lake waters.

Professor Amy Kabrhel from UW-Green Bay Manitowoc Campus will be joining us to explain some of the science behind the nurdles. Attendees will be given instructions on nurdle identification, small pouches into which they can place their nurdles, and buttons to identify them as part of MPL’s Nurdle Patrol. Families are encouraged to get involved as a group! This is a great way for our citizens to take care of our community and give back by helping to keep our shores clean.

Source: Manitowoc Public Library to Begin a Nurdle Patrol | Seehafer News

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