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GREEN BAY – True Green Bay Packers fans can never know enough about their favorite team. Some fans don’t know as much as they want, or as much as they think they do. The Packers Hall of Fame and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay have teamed up to address it all.

“History of the Green Bay Packers,” an eight-week, noncredit, certificate class will delve into some of the history of the team this fall during the football season. The classes will look at different aspects of Packers history, mainly from the team’s founding in 1919 through the Lombardi era, said Brent Hensel, curator of the Packers Hall of Fame.

Sessions begin Sept. 6, just ahead of the Packers’ season opener on Sept. 10 against the Bears in Chicago. They will be held live on Zoom from 2 to 4 p.m. on eight consecutive Wednesdays through Oct. 25. The cost is $139 and includes admission to the Packers Hall of Fame museum at Lambeau Field.

“Zoom really allows for more flexibility. We are hoping we can attract people from all over the country. We would love to get people from around the world,” Hensel said. “I’ll have guest speakers. We’ll have a virtual tour of the Packers Hall of Fame, and we could look at the artwork on the fourth and six floors.”

Session topics will include:

  • Origins of American Football: Exploring the evolution of the game and how its popularity evolved including in Green Bay, Sept. 6.
  • A Story of Survival: Delving into the early days of the franchise and struggle for survival, Sept. 13.
  • Lambeau’s Reign: Looking at co-founder Earl “Curly” Lambeau and his role as coach and guiding force of the team, Sept. 20.
  • Virtual Tour of the Packers Hall of Fame: Taking a virtual walk through the museum and with an inside look at how the different exhibits were created, Sept. 27.
  • Packers-Bears Rivalry: Revisiting two of the three oldest NFL franchises and how the teams became interconnected, Oct. 4.
  • Packers Stock & Stadium Drive: The Packers have had six stock sales throughout their history. The class will take an in-depth look at the early stock sales that saved the franchise, Oct. 11.
  • Lombardi’s Dynasty: Exploring the rise of Vince Lombardi, a little-known coach, who became the most famous coach in sports, Oct. 18.
  • Leadership & Diversity: Uncovering the lasting influence of Lombardi on leadership and diversity in Green Bay, Oct. 25

“I think they are all really great topics. I try to focus on the first 50 years or so,” Hensel said.

Of particular interest might be sessions on the Packers-Bears rivalry and on Vince Lombardi’s influence on leadership and diversity. Lombardi was known for not tolerating bigotry. In addition to looking at Lombardi’s influence on how black players were treated, Hensel will look at the history of women and the Packers. He recalled teaching a class on the Packers some years ago and the majority of students were female.

Source: Packers Hall of Fame, UWGB to offer online class about team’s history

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