Former UW-Green Bay student featured for passion for printing | Print+Promo

Jill Kerske has the foresight to predict potential issues before they leak out of the pipeline. But, the 21-year industry veteran isn’t just an anticipator; she’s a reactor, when appropriate, always ready with solutions. It’s not a question of “Can she do it?” Rather, it all comes down to the how.

I aim to anticipate customer needs, as well as the needs of my internal constituents and teammates,” Kerske said. “The best way I can describe my philosophy of customer care is to be water. Put anything in a jar and add water to fill in all around, plugging all the gaps.”

Kerske’s print roots date back to high school. She always had an interest in art, so when it was time to choose an elective, graphics felt like a good fit. She recalls learning the whole process, including art setup, shooting negatives and making plates—even running small AB Dicks. During her studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Kerske focused more on the art/computer graphics side; however, her first job out of college was in the local newspaper prepress.

Source: 2020 CSR All-Stars: Jill Kerske, Independent Printing Inc. – Print+Promo

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