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Employers across Wisconsin have one thing on their mind as we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic: Employees. They can’t get enough.Yet, from Superior to Kenosha, Platteville to Green Bay, Barron County to Rock County, and everywhere in between, the solution is right in front of us: the University of Wisconsin.Each year, Wisconsin’s 13 public universities produce 37,000 talented graduates with specialized knowledge, critical thinking skills, and technical know-how. Five years after graduation, more than 90 percent of them remain in Wisconsin, where they deliver for employers, contribute to their communities, and improve their lives.

Listening to community and business leaders as I have toured the state, you learn one thing quick – they benefit greatly from their partnerships with local universities. For example, here’s what Laurie A. Radke, President and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, says about her local university:

“UW-Green Bay is a community partner that is integral to the growth and success of our region. With its hundreds of academic program offerings, the university continues to meet the ever-expanding needs of our community and its vibrant growth. UW-Green Bay supports entrepreneurialism and innovation: while university leaders work alongside industry, nonprofit, and private business to support growth, inspire creativity, and provide cultural experiences and opportunities for the entire region.”

Source: UW System remains a solution to workforce needs | Opinion | hngnews.com

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