Prof. Weinschenk shares ‘How Polarized Are Wisconsin’s Lawmakers?’ | WisContext

“Talk of political polarization — epitomized by the growing divide between Republicans and Democrats — is ubiquitous these days. Watch the nightly news, read a newspaper article about a political issue or talk to someone about politics, and the topic of polarization will likely come up.

While polarization has long been discussed in terms of national politics, it is also a phenomenon that’s more and more visible at the state level. Indeed, many states, including Wisconsin, have seen intense confrontations between Republicans and Democrats play out over the past decade. While evidence shows polarization in Congress ‘creates stalemate and undermines lawmaking,’ it may very well be having similar effects in state legislatures that are (or are becoming) polarized.”  UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk (Political Science) shares his perspective via How Polarized Are Wisconsin’s Lawmakers? | WisContext.

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