UW-Green Bay WBB alumna Marcy Dixon featured with Journal-Pilot

As the Journal-Pilot continues to look back on former area athletes who contributed to the great history of Hancock County sports, Marcy Dixon, the former three-sport athlete with the Southeastern Lady Suns, comes into focus this week.

After high school, Dixon continued her college career at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. Her biggest adjustment was going from “… being the big fish in small pond to a small fish in a big pond.”

“Everyone on my team was an all-star on their team and in their state or regional; talent-wise everyone is bigger, faster, and stronger,” said Dixon of her college teammates. “Everybody is still out for the same goals. Everyone was on a full ride scholarship and everyone was there to respect and honor the privilege of earning that.”

“I would 100 percent make the same choices again,” she said definitively. “I fell in love with Green Bay and that is why I still live here today. Coach Kevin Borseth is an unbelievable human being and the friendships I made with teammates and the academic success achieved is completely a refelction of the program.”

Source: Dream achieved by playing college basketball | Journal-Pilot |

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