‘Wisconsin needs a lot more work.’ Brown County Racial Equity Committee chair wants honest conversations | Madison365

Pooja Bambha-Arora, chair of Brown County’s Racial Equity Committee, said there’s a lot of work to be done before the ad-hoc committee can offer recommendations to the county board in two years. Bambha-Arora said she spends nearly 30 hours a week networking and searching for tools and data that could be useful for strengthening racial equity in Brown County. One of her top concerns is making sure that the committee can find representation to speak on the many issues that need to be addressed in the county.

Bambha-Arora, who’s lived in Green Bay for six years, is an adjunct faculty at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and will teach at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in the fall, courses on cultural elements and institutional racism.

“The first thing that we want to do is collaborate with care,” she said. “I do want to position ourselves in a very collaborative way and partner with other organizations to push this — to push the envelope for having more information and awareness.”

Source: “Wisconsin needs a lot more work.” Brown County Racial Equity Committee chair Dr. Pooja Bambha-Arora wants honest conversations | Madison365

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