Coach Will Ryan’s father, Bo Ryan, inducted into UW Athletic Hall of Fame | Wisconsin Badgers

Bo Ryan’s favorite buzz word has always been “NEXT.”

Its genesis can be traced to a playground court with steel nets on 8th and Pennell Streets in his hometown of Chester, Pennsylvania. To the hardcore local ballers, it was known as “The Cage.”

If you were on the winning side during the pickup games, the losers walked, and you’d stay on the court and offer the challenge “Who’s got next?” Make the last shot and it was simply ‘Next.’

Will Ryan surely can relate to how his dad’s system worked as a player and assistant. That knowledge gleaned from first-hand experience — on the Platteville and UW-Milwaukee rosters and the Badger staff — should bode well for Ryan, 41, who was recently named the UW-Green Bay head coach.

Source: 2020 UW Athletic Hall of Fame: Bo Ryan | Wisconsin Badgers

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