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GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – (June 20, 2024) – Festival Foods is committed to continue going the  extra mile in customer-service excellence by partnering with University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Kohler Co. and Prevea Health to introduce a certificate program aimed at enhancing customer experience and  fostering meaningful relationships between companies and the people they serve.

Customers are becoming more interested in making personal connections with businesses with which  they engage, highlighting the continued importance of customer service. Recognizing this, Festival  Foods is committed to investing in training that ensures every interaction with customers is memorable  and impactful.

The new certificate program offered by UW-Green Bay was developed to help businesses – including  Festival Foods, Kohler and Prevea Health – deliver superior customer experiences. The program is  suitable for new hires, existing employees or entire teams, and aims to transform employee  perspectives to prioritize exceptional customer service.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with UW-Green Bay, Kohler and Prevea Health, aimed at  advancing education for workers in the service industry,” said Theresa Zawlocki, Festival Foods’  Associate Development Director. “Together, we are committed to providing valuable training and  resources to enhance skills, foster growth and empower individuals within our community. This  collaboration signifies our shared dedication to elevating standards and creating opportunities for  professional development in the service sector. We look forward to making a meaningful impact and  supporting the ongoing success of our workforce.”

The certificate program consists of five interactive modules: The Customer Experience, The Culture of  Customer Experience, Internal Customer Experience, Conflict in Customer Experience and Critical  Communication Skills. Participants will learn from industry experts, including Jesse Gast, Festival  Foods’ Senior Facilitator, who will share insights and best practices in handling conflict with customers. The program is available online to participants and takes an average of five hours to complete.

Upon completing the program, participants will receive the UW-Green Bay Exceptional Customer  Experience Service badge, acknowledging their dedication to customer service. Registration for the  program is open, and Festival Foods encourages businesses to join this initiative to adopt a customer centric approach that will set them apart in the marketplace.  For more information or to register, visit https://www.uwgb.edu/certificate-programs/customer experience/ or contact Nicole Virant, UW-Green Bay Program Specialist, at virantn@uwgb.edu or 920- 465-2548.

Source: Festival Foods: Teams up with UW–Green Bay, Kohler and Prevea Health for customer service-based learning program | WisBusiness

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