UW-Green Bay’s Prof. Warner gives input on non-profits in Wisconsin during pandemic | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin nonprofits could be in dire financial straits in the months, and possibly years, ahead as they continue to cancel or scale back vital fundraising events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One in five nonprofits that responded to a University of Wisconsin System survey said they worry about meeting payroll for the next eight weeks. Almost 50% have laid off staff already and 93% said they’re considering future layoffs. More than 10% stopped providing services altogether.

Prof. Lora Warner of the UW-Green Bay Center for Public Affairs, who co-authored the northeast region report with associate professor Michael Ford of UW-Oshkosh, said the financial pinch has one in three nonprofits in northeastern Wisconsin concerned they could run out of money within the next eight weeks.

“It’s definitely a looming issue that will get bigger, just like everything else,” Warner said. “Their donations are definitely at risk. We don’t know where they will be in a few weeks. Two-thirds said they could continue programming for eight weeks, but that means one-third is not sure they could.”

Source: Coronavirus in Wisconsin: Nonprofits face long-term impacts from pandemic | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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