In the news: Controversial study looks at teacher preparedness

A controversial teacher preparedness review is receiving attention in our area, drawing criticism from those who question its methodology and other elements. The National Council on Teacher Quality this week released its Teacher Prep Review, leaving many analysts scratching their heads as programs with good reputations and outcomes — including UW-Green Bay, UW-Madison and other System schools — received less-than-stellar marks. Madison’s Capital Times newspaper delved into the group’s methods, which included looking at syllabi and textbooks for courses education students take — but not, as many have noted, any sort of research, observations or interviews with pre-service teachers. Closer to home, WLUK, Fox 11 ran a story on the report, talking to our own Tim Kaufman, chair of UW-Green Bay’s award-winning Professional Program in Education; and recent grad — and new third-grade bilingual teacher — Marco Olson-Guillen. Officials here and across the country have pointed to factors such as placement rate, board certification, program and individual awards and demand from local school districts as better measures of the education future teachers receive.
Capital Times
WLUK Fox 11

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