Become a Scientist for a Day – Door County Pulse

Conservation organizations invite the public to participate in a day of scientific discovery and research at the BioBlitz event June 21 at the Three Springs Nature Preserve. Join the staff, scientists and volunteers of the Door County Land Trust, UW-Green Bay Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, Friends of Toft Point, The Ridges Sanctuary and Milwaukee’s Urban Ecology Center in discovering and collecting species to document the health of our land. Community members are invited to become scientists for a day free of charge. Details and registration are available at

Door County conservation partners are working together to study the Door Peninsula coastal wetlands. Community participants will assist researchers using mammal traps, cameras, bird-mist nets, acoustic bat detectors, snake boards, insect sweep nets and aquatic sampling nets to discover and document species. Results of the BioBlitz measure the health of the Door Peninsula’s coastal wetlands’ ecology and provide data on populations of particular species.

via Become a Scientist for a Day – Door County Pulse.

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