Tony Shalhoub talks ‘Monk,’ his hometown (and UW-Green Bay) during Green Bay visit

Award-winning actor Tony Shalhoub spoke well of UW-Green Bay on a recent visit back to the city he grew up in…

“Then came another of those moments when he attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as a freshman. He recalls the theater department, headed by professor Paul Mann at the time, as being “quite vibrant.” Mann, who Shalhoub called a “taskmaster,” had recruited underclassmen to do bit roles in a production of “Waiting for Lefty,” the 1930s one-act play set in a union hall. Shalhoub was among those who was to deliver one line during a heated scene. When it was his turn, Shalhoub remembers getting up at rehearsal and just screaming the line, startling even himself with the intensity. “I think that was one of the moments,” he said. An acting class at UWGB was also where he met Milwaukee native Jane Kaczmarek (“Malcolm in the Middle”). The two became lifelong friends, Shalhoub said. She stars in “2 Timers,” along with his “Wings” co-star Steven Weber. MLC Awards president Freddy Moyano, who hosted the first part of the Q&A with Shalhoub, asked him if he had favorite places in the city during his childhood. He recalled the Historic West Theatre (now the Tarlton) and also remembered the Bay and Vic theaters but didn’t share specific memories.

Source: Tony Shalhoub talks ‘Monk,’ his hometown during Green Bay visit