Setting the stage for skills-based hiring at IEDC Global Economic Summit – TechPoint w/ UW-Green Bay Alumna Sherry Aaholm

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation threw a huge party in Indianapolis last weekend, and everybody came. Seriously. The Excel spreadsheet of attendees went on for 20 pages. There were ambassadors, consulates general, federal agency heads. The governor. Mayors. Legislators. Company CEOs. University representatives. And if you’ve heard of a global—or local—tech or tech-enabled company, they were also there. Dignitaries represented Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Monaco, Myanmar, Portugal, Qatar, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Congo, Taipei, Turkey and Ukraine. Anyone with a pinkie in Indiana economic development or business was there for at least part of the four-day Indiana Global Economic Summit (IGES.). The consensus seemed to be that the opportunity to attend the Indy 500 may have tipped the scales for dignitaries to attend, but the networking and content offerings put Indiana in a positive global spotlight.

One session focused on transforming talent in the tech sector. Panelists included Cummins Chief Digital Officer and TechPoint Board Chair Sherry Aaholm (’14 and ’16, Business Administration and M.S. IN Sustainable Management Systems), Infosys Head of Global Government and Public Affairs Anurag Varma, Microsoft Chief Digital Officer Jacky Wright, TechPoint CEO Ting Gootee and moderator Cordell Carter, executive director of Aspen Institute’s Socrates program.

Source: Setting the stage for skills-based hiring at IEDC Global Economic Summit – TechPoint

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