Wisconsin’s graduating nursing students have their pick of jobs

A group of nursing students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College clustered around their patient, a mannequin who’d been complaining of chest pains.

As an instructor in a hidden room voiced the patient’s concerns, Molly Anderson, a second-year student, showed Paige Dolata, a first-year student at UW-Green Bay’s Marinette campus, how to hook up an electrocardiogram.

Anderson and two of her classmates, Katie Schwittay and Deb Gilles, coached Dolata, who will spend her second and third years of college at NWTC’s nursing school, through a mnemonic they use to remember where to put the colored electrodes on a patient’s chest. White to the right, clouds over grass, smoke over fire and chocolate close to your heart.

In about a month, Anderson, Schwittay and Gilles will graduate and begin their careers as registered nurses. One wouldn’t know from watching them expertly place the electrocardiogram patches or quickly set up an IV drip, but the pandemic limited their early opportunities to work in hospitals and other health care settings.

Source: Wisconsin’s graduating nursing students have their pick of jobs, USA Today Network-Wisconsin

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