UW-Green Bay to gradually raise tuition at three branch campuses

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Some college students in northeast Wisconsin will be paying more for their education soon. Tuition at UW-Green Bay’s campuses in Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan is set to increase this upcoming fall semester.

The ‘one university’ model at UW-Green Bay, also known as the merger, allowed students to earn associates and bachelors degrees at UWGB’s other campuses in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Marinette starting in 2018.

Michael Alexander, the chancellor at UW-Green Bay says they’re trying to unify the campuses even further.

“Everybody is getting a UW-Green Bay degree; we really want to lean into the idea that every student is a UWGB student, regardless of where you are studying, and if your home location is in Marinette, Manitowoc, Sheboygan or Green Bay,” said Alexander. “You’re getting the same great education, therefore that’s the first reason we thought it made sense to have one unified tuition.”

With increased programs and students, also comes increased expenses. In March, a tuition increase was approved for an in-state undergraduate students for the first time in decade.

Students attending UWGB’s three other locations will see a tuition increase to match Green Bay’s campus.

It will jump 13.5% which comes out to roughly $600 extra. Alexander says they will raise tuition incrementally.

“It is going to take us four years to equalize this tuition and we’re going to do it very gradually on the locations, so we have one tuition at UWGB,” said Alexander. “If we have to increase tuition, we want to do it in a responsible way.”

In order to raise it responsibly, he says they need to hear from those they’re serving.

“They need to hear student feedback and to listen to students,” said Celise Jones. “To say, hey point blank, we need this done.”

Some UWGB students like Celise Jones, say they understand why prices are going up, but would like to see the funds put to good use. Jones says she would like to see more campus and community involvement.

“It would be good to have longer hours for places on campus, for food options specifically,” said Jones. “Also, more events on weekends and at night, and also just helping us feel like we belong in the Green Bay community in general.”

Alexander says they’re also working to expand financial aid options to help cover costs for students facing increased tuition bills.

While the tuition is set to increase this fall, Alexander says they still need approval for the next stages of the process.

Source: UW-Green Bay to gradually raise tuition at three branch campuses

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