UW’s Free Speech Survey Debacle – WORT 89.9 FM w/Prof. Shelton

A plan to circulate a conservative-backed student survey regarding “free speech” on the University of Wisconsin System’s twenty-six campuses played a key role in Jim Henderson’s unexpected resignation last week as interim chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The chancellor’s sudden departure raised questions about the survey, which was originally scheduled to be released last Thursday and has now been delayed until the fall. Numerous concerns have surfaced regarding the survey’s origins and content—and the political motivations behind it.For today’s show, Thursday host Allen Ruff is joined by professors Tracy Hawkins (UW-Whitewater) and Jon Shelton (UW-Green Bay, Democracy and Justice Studies) to talk about why the survey has been so controversial and how it’s situated in the broader context of right-wing attacks on public education and the politicization of UW in the lead-up to this year’s election.Tracy Hawkins is associate professor in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. She currently serves as chair of the UW–Whitewater Faculty Senate. Jon Shelton is associate professor and chair of democracy and justice studies at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. He currently serves as vice president of higher education for the Wisconsin chapter of the American Federation of Teachers.

Source: UW’s Free Speech Survey Debacle – WORT 89.9 FM

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