‘UW-Green Bay staff consider separation offers’

The Green Bay Press-Gazette, in a thoroughly reported story by Patti Zarling, made the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program at UW-Green Bay its lead news item over the weekend, both online and in the Sunday, April 12, print edition. Included are quotes from Prof. Steve Meyer, interim director of computing services David Kieper, and Chancellor Gary L. Miller. “What I am hearing from staff is that unless they are close to retirement age, they aren’t interested,” Meyer, age 56 and a 14-year employee, told the newspaper. “(Personally), no way I am going to take them up on their offer. I am too far away from retirement to take it.” Kieper repeated his concern that the loss of senior faculty and staff could impact the university’s ability to meet students’ needs. “We’re a small campus, it’s not like there’s four or five people doing one thing and you can get rid of one of them. Lots of time there’s one person doing a job.” The Chancellor wouldn’t hazard a guess on how many separation requests will be submitted, or approved. He said the program is just one part of a larger budget strategy that will look at “every aspect of the university, from how we’re spending money, administrative support, how we set up programs, how we are organized, how we perform academic services… it’s all on the table.” The full story.

Clarification on makeup of those invited to consider separation

In Sunday’s Press-Gazette report there appeared to be a typo or transposed number in the information attributed to University spokesperson Christopher Sampson regarding the 158 people offered separation packages and the employee categories they represent. The correct breakdown is 54 faculty, 49 classified staff, 41 academic staff (including 14 who are primarily classroom instructors) and 14 “limited” appointments.

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